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  • Merry Chrysler!

    Merry Chrysler!

    Merry Christmas guys! I want to keep this post short and sweet because honestly who the fuck wants to read this on Christmas but if you are then I respect you and you a real one. But anyway lol I know this year has been kinda very shite but it’s nearly over and we made…

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  • The Christmas Spirit Is a Curse

    The Christmas Spirit Is a Curse

    Whoever said Christmas is about giving, not receiving is fucking right because bitch do I GIVE! Now I ain’t tryna brag and be like oh my days I’m so unlucky that I have to/can spend money to get stuff for my family, but like I’m just saying that I am acting as though I’ve got…

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  • The Century-Long Christmas Controversy

    The Century-Long Christmas Controversy

    Merry Christmas to everyone!… except those who say happy Christmas. You can go to hell. I don’t really know what it is that possesses people to say “happy” Christmas but I don’t want it. Like it makes me shrivel up and die inside. I can actually hear the elves and Santa cry from the north…

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  • 10 Top Tips To Stay Warm In Winter That Actually Work

    10 Top Tips To Stay Warm In Winter That Actually Work

    If your dad is like mine in any way at all, they refuse to put the heating on, or at least not high enough to actually feel the effects. So I am nowhere to give you some tips for staying warm in your house and don’t forget to share this with the rest of your…

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