We Need To Stop _____ But We Need To Start_____!!

We need to stop misusing our privilege, but we need to start using it effectively

I saw a tiktok yesterday. It was a black girl who was talking about the time she was at a peaceful protest for BLM. She said that all the white people there would be throwing rocks and water bottles at the police, but the thing is, they were all at the back. And thanks to racist police, they would attack those at the front, the people of colour. She talked about how she had to shout for the white people to get to the front because they were the ones angering the police, but it wasn’t them who were getting tackled down and arrested. And it really made me open my eyes. I mean, it was great that they had people of all races at the protest but what they do is what makes it all go to shit. So instead of just hiding behind the people who will get much worse consequences for something they didn’t actually do, we need to up at the front, using our white privilege as a shield. This is really important.

Also, can I ask you guys something. I have heard kind of mixed answers from this before, however all of them have actually come from white people. Is it offensive to say black woman, or black man etc. because I know that saying white people is fine, but then again our situations are so much different. So could someone please tell me if it is ok to say that or if there is something else I should say instead. That would be greatly appreciated guys!


We need to stop ignoring others, but we need to start accepting and growing

This also came from a tiktok video. It was this guy who had a stutter. I actually talked about this yesterday, but he was saying how it is offensive for people to say “did I stutter?” because it makes it seem that stutters make you less smart or valid than others. And I am going to admit, when I first watched it, I was thinking “but that isn’t what I mean, maybe he just misunderstand it. I am not ablest”. Then I caught myself. I realised that by saying that, I was being so ignorant. If someone with a certain disability or difference says that something is offensive or insulting, they are right. Every. Single. Time. Me, a person with no speech impediment has no fucking right say that someones opinion is invalid because I have no fucking clue what they go through or how they feel. We need to stop defending ourselves and saying “but I’m not ablest” or “I’m not racist so that’s not racist”, or anything like that. Just because we may see ourselves in a certain way, doesn’t mean we necessarily are. The people we talk to have just lived a lifestyle where they will get into trouble if they speak out against it. So if you really “aren’t racist” or “aren’t ablest”, then admit your were wrong, apologize, learn, and grow from this.


We need to stop saying, but we need to start doing

I find that I do this a lot. I always support BLM and equality and other stuff like that, but I say that. I don’t necessarily show it. And showing it is so much more important. Now I could sit here and write you a list of excuse, like the pandemic, or my mum can’t drive me to a protest, but that won’t get me, or anyone else, anywhere. A lot of privileged people, including me, make sure that everyone around them knows they are such an accepting person. They will have all over their Instagram BLM shout outs and pride flags, but you will never see them in the thick of it. It has become their personality trait. And I could imagine that when you guys, who need privileged people to help, hear this stuff, you just stare at them like “and?”. That does fuck all. So save your time creating hundreds of posts that everyone skips past, go out and do it. Stop saying and stop doing. I know this is something I need to work on too.


We need to stop assuming, but we need to start asking

In my school year, we aren’t really that diverse. Now, it isn’t a school that purposely does that, but I live in Northern Ireland which unfortunately isn’t really diverse over all. So that means that I don’t have any friends that are colored, or disabled, or other discriminated groups. The only groups I would ever be around are the LGBTQ+ community and people with mental health problems (if that even counts) or learning problems. This isn’t me trying to prove myself so lets move on. A lot of the things are here about what others go through are from online, from people who only have 60 seconds to explain, or people who are also just assuming and don’t actually know what others are going through. This is partly why I made that post yesterday asking you guys to leave a comment about what you go through and how you want us to help or what you want us to understand. Getting information from people who aren’t even affected by it can be so harmful because then we make the wrong assumption, put it into action, and mess everything up. As a socially awkward person, I am not good at talking to new people, especially if they aren’t in my school classes, but I have 200+ followers who, for some reason, like my content, and I want to ask you guys because I want to flush out all the fake information from my brain and fill it in with the truth.


I also want to ask something to you, if you go through discrimination in your life. Would it be ok for someone to go up to you and ask you questions about what you go through and how they can help. I mean, you probably wouldn’t be ok with a stranger, but even someone you are familiar with. Just so that my followers know and feel more confident asking others so hopefully this will allow us to become more informed about the situations in our home towns. And also, if you are comfortable, could you comment down below anything you want us to know. Whether that is stories, things you want us to know, or things you want us to do. Just so that people can read them and learn.

Anyways, thank you so much for reading this. Please feel free to tell me if there is something I left out or said that was offensive to you in any way. I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.


I Need Your Help

Hi, if you don’t know me, I am a straight white teenage girl with no disabilities and just a mental health problem. What does that mean? That means that the only discrimination I have faced is being a woman. Now, there has been problems with sexism at the moment, but over all I have got it pretty easy. But I want to use that to help others too. And the only way I really know how to do that would be to use this platform to get people to listen.

That is where my next problem comes into play. How am I supposed to help when I know very little about what you guys go through and what YOU want me to do. Because I could write a whole essay about equality, but it would do fuck all because I don’t know what you guys really want us to do. So please, no matter what it is that you go through, whether it is a disability, race, sexuality, anything, can you please comment below something that you guys want us, the people who are can use your privilege to help, to do in order to help you guys or just be aware of certain things. You can leave a story about a time where you were discriminated against and say what you would have wanted someone to do to help, or just state anything. If you are comfortable of course.

I’m going to admit, I know very little about what others go through but I want that to change. I mean I am a sympathetic person but I also feel stuck on what to do and sometimes I can be a bit ignorant. On TikTok there was this guy with a stutter and was talking about how saying “did I stutter” was insulting. And I had said these before and didn’t think anything from it. So please educate me and everyone else on the internet because although we will never know what you go through and how you feel, I want to be able to do the most I can to make you feel safer or more included in the world.

So I am sorry if I sound like your basic bitch trying to get clout or something. This is not a trend, this is a real life problem and I would appreciate it so much if you guys could help spread awareness. But yeah, that is pretty much it. Just know that you are perfect just the way you are. I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT

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