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  • Humans Haven’t Evolved For Shit

    Humans Haven’t Evolved For Shit

    Humans haven’t evolved for shit, well not in the way I would like. I would warn all the Ross Gellers, or people who actually understand this topic, to beware because this may cost you a few brain cells, but I do want to add I am not a Karen and I do believe in evolution,…

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  • The School Newspaper (The Biggest Joke)

    The School Newspaper (The Biggest Joke)

    I don’t know if the american’s are taking over our school or what, but they decided to do a wee school newspaper. I thought that sounded cool and I was interested in reading it, but on the front cover, there were a few things that got me thinking ya know. Just a few points I…

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  • The Biggest Jokes In The World

    The Biggest Jokes In The World

    Trust me guys, these ones are gonna get you only the floor because these are so hilarious. Get your gran’s oxygen tank because you won’t be able to breath after this. The weekend Why the hell do I blink my eyes and the weekend is gone. I waited 5 bloody days just to get to…

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