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  • Why Does Nobody Appreciate A Bargain?

    POV: it’s Saturday. You are with a friend on the train and because we are so spontaneous we say “hey, why don’t we go to Botanic instead?”. You feel crazy because you are now getting off one stop later, what a rush. You go around and live the quirky life you desired as you shop…

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  • The Christmas Spirit Is a Curse

    The Christmas Spirit Is a Curse

    Whoever said Christmas is about giving, not receiving is fucking right because bitch do I GIVE! Now I ain’t tryna brag and be like oh my days I’m so unlucky that I have to/can spend money to get stuff for my family, but like I’m just saying that I am acting as though I’ve got…

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  • I’m not above a fight

    I’m not above a fight

    See, I don’t really like it when people are cheeky to me. I mean you can be upfront and shout at me and I’ll be fine with that. My sisters have conditioned me to that. But if you are being passive aggressive or cheeky in front of me or behind my back, I won’t hesitate…

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  • Money Can’t Solve Your Pro… Shut The Fuck Up

    Money Can’t Solve Your Pro… Shut The Fuck Up

    In the wise words of Ariana Grande, “whoever said money can’t solve your problems must not have had enough money to solve ’em” and I live by that honestly. It is true though. Like a lot of my problems are caused by money but can also be fixed by them soooo. But every time I…

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  • What I Do To Make Money As A Teenager

    What I Do To Make Money As A Teenager

    OK so don’t even be judging me for wanting to make a wee bit of money. I mean I just want to get out of school and not literally freeze to death. What I also want to do is help you guys do the same. Now look, you aren’t gonna literally make millions from one…

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  • Weekly Reminder

    Weekly Reminder

    I was watching a video today which has the author of ‘rich dad, poor dad’, Robert Kiyosaki, and he mentioned something that kind of shocked me. He was talking about his dad who had a PhD and was really successful in college, and then continued on with the topic of the video, which was the…

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