If You Haven’t Seen These Shows, Don’t Talk To Me

You know, this title may seem harsh but like if you haven’t watched these I really do have to question your mental well-being and ask how long you have been living under a rock. Like, these shows are so elite that I had that empty feeling when it finished. You know when you get so attached to the characters that you feel like friends but then it ends and you have to face reality again. Well, that is how I felt with these shows. I also have to ask if anyone else feels literally comforted by some shows because of the people in it and your life could be shit but they are a constant in all the change and when the show ends you feel scared and sad they have left you? Just me? Ok.


Dead To Me

Dead to Me: Season 1 – Review | Netflix Comedy | Womentainment

I am pretty sure this one is a bit newer, as in released last year, but I only started watching it a month or two ago when my friend made me and then I forced my sister to watch it because it is literally the perfect mix of intense and fucking hilarious. The humor is 100% me and I die for it. It’s good as well because they don’t make stupid mistakes or unbelievable plots, like all of it makes sense and is well done and even though they have killed people, you feel bad for them. That’s kind of like another show I am gonna talk to you about in a second. What I also love about it is the length of it. Now you do get through it quickly which means it ends quickly so that’s sad, but like each episode is 30 minutes max which is perfect for me because I can’t be coping with any more no matter the show. For me, I couldn’t watch a 40 minute show, but I could watch two 20 minute shows perfectly fine you know. It just makes it feel like you are getting through it faster and every time a new one starts you feel refreshed. But no, if you want to watch a show that is
– sarcastic funny
– not long episodes
– murder mystery
– tense
– shocking
then you better fucking watch this. It literally shocked me because I thought it was gonna be boring as fuck but it’s actually funny as fuck! How the turns table.


Money Heist

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot ...

I have to flex on you all real quick. I watched this in Spanish without subtitles because, you know, I’m all bilingual and shit. I am actually just learning Spanish but I understood most of it or at least enough to enjoy the show. At the beginning, I have to admit I was kinda sleeping on money heist cause I found it kinda boring and also wasn’t fully getting all the dialogue, but when I improved and paid more attention, I was loving it. I also have to address the fact they are taking their fucking time to release the new season. Like there really is no need because I’m getting sick of it to be quite frank with you. I am forgetting what it left of at. This is the one I was talking about in the paragraph above where you also are on the robbers team and you hate the police that are supposed to be saving lives and shit. A wee bit of role reversal. In the 4th season I think it was, and that bloody body guard tried to save everyone I was fuming. I grew an attachment to them all and I won’t give anything away but like they really didn’t need to off that one person. But if you like
– longer episodes but not like boring long
– good robbery story line
– tense
– guns
– role reversal
then this is the one for you. I wouldn’t say there is much humour and it is defo more tense, but it is defo top tear entertainment if you ask me.


How I Met Your Mother

The Value from How I Met Your Mother: Season 7 - Bearcat ...

The next couple of shows are gonna be basic as fuck but we have to address them because it would be disrespectful not to. This show is great. It has the whole “Friends” vibes and you feel like a family with them and you get familiar and comfortable with the show. It is great you know, but like, can I just say one thing. What the fuck? Like seriously, if the actors and the writing weren’t good for this then I would be wiping this show off because it’s utter shit. Like they stretched it out to the max because the dad really could have just said “i met her at so and so’s event” (I don’t want to spoiling anything) and then the ending when you find out what happened to the mother and you are like ok what the fuck. Like we really were not given a chance to know her. What I think they also should have left out or just cleared up was the fact that they always mentioned “your mother was there that day” but it literally doesn’t help out with the plot at all except for the room mates apartment. But, to be fair, despite all the shit I just said about it, it is a freaking awesome show and the actual episodes are amazing. Over all it is a banging classic and if you like
– “friends” vibes
– short videos
– older TV shows from the friends sort of time
– feel good
– comedy
– not a solid plot line but stays on track of a plot if you get me
then defo watch this. I would say I don’t have a way with words but I don’t know how to say it, just know that I mean it is a great show and if you haven’t watched it, you are uncultured.


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Zito Media » It’s Always Sunny with Brie Larson

This one is also the same vibe as friends and how I met your mother as in it is a feel good, kinda older and just fucking hilarious. This one is perfect for all the people with a sarcastic sense of humor, me, because they really take it to the next level. I near piss myself it is so funny. I do kinda admit though that at the start I wasn’t really feeling it but then when I knew the characters more, I couldn’t get enough of it. They are all so weird but like so normal but like kinda like me but not at all. They are just perfect and relatable but I have also never done anything like them. Charlie and Deandra literally crack me up. The fact they always just hate Deandra no matter what she does literally kills me and it never gets old. It’s so funny even just thinking about it. Defo a must watch but you gotta get through the first bit because it is a little slower to get into. Defo watch this if you like
– friends and how I met your mother vibes
– sarcastic comedy
– relatable but also not relatable shows
– short episodes
– feel good
– not a big plot line but still a plot
– binge-worthy shows
So yeah, you better have heard of it and you better start watching it because you will regret not watching it. Like it is so funny and I got through it so quickly. I would gladly watching again.


Schitt’s Creek

6 Netflix Series That Are Worth Your Time | Kay Caton UK Blog

I feel so dumb for saying this, but it took me way too long to get the joke of the Roland guy. The characters name is Roland Schitt and I am so dumb for taking so long to figure that out. Also, quick trivia question. Why the fuck has the mum not been in more shows and movies since Home Alone because she is funny as fuck. Like I hadn’t seen her in anything for ages and it blew my mind to see her act this role. Her accent and everything about her is so funny. The way she says “behbeh” for “baby” makes me actually die of laughter. They are all absolutely awesome actors and are so perfect for every little part of the show. The episode where the shop got robbed was so funny. Like he really just gave him a gourmet meal to go. I haven’t watched it in a while so I don’t remember everything but I do know that you have to watch it if you like
– a new era of “friends” vibes
– shorter episodes
– sarcastic comedy
– over all comedy
– realistic
– feel good show
It is a classic we have to admit, even though it isn’t old. We also need to start a petition to get more shows featuring the Mum because she is a legend and the best actor. She was perfect for the role.


Quick List

I can’t really be arsed to type much more so here is a quick list of other great shows

  • Friends because obviously!
  • Atypical because duh
  • The Office because it’s an absolute classic
  • Grey’s Anatomy because I am THAT basic bitch and it is absolutely amazing
  • Derry Girls because you gotta represent the home country and also it is fucking hilarious
  • Friday Night Dinner because Shalom this thing is hilarious
  • Modern Family because it is relatable, short episodes, great acting and fucking comedy gold

I am sure there are lot of other shows I haven’t mentioned but this is what you are getting so get over it. I hope you agree with this because if you don’t then you might be unwell. Don’t forget to like, comment, follow and share with your friends to see who you can really trust. I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.




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The Best Background Netflix Series

These rankings are definitely gonna start a fight but I mean this is my opinion so… go away. Also if you didn’t understand the title… go to school… I mean, it just means short episodes that you don’t need to concentrate on. Warning, you will get attached to these and the characters leading to a moment of emptiness in your life where you don’t know how to act. But don’t worry, you will find another series just as good. I am also going to make this fair by not adding in ‘friends’. It will always be the first place in my heart but like we gotta switch it up a wee bit ya know. So to build ✨tension✨lets start with number 10 :0

10. The Big Bang Theory

We are straight in with a classic. Can I just mention that you don’t have to be really smart or know anything about physics and stuff to watch this. In fact it actually makes it a lot better. It always seems like a comic book person kind of genre but really it’s just funny and good to watch when you can’t be bothered to watch long episodes or think at all for that matter.

9. Full house

You may be more familiar with the newer series of this called fuller house but I’m saying this one because, for me, the old iconic series are always better. They are so funny, different and kind of comforting for some reason. Yes the camera quality is similar to a Samsungs but we move, it’s fine. However, I do love the fuller house but yeah this better to be honest. Very heartwarming and you feel like a part of the family. Definitely broke my heart when it ended.

8. Good Girls

Ok, I have to admit, these episodes are like 40 minutes long but it is still one where you don’t need to concentrate. The actresses and actors are all literally hilarious and I love it so much. If anything, the long episodes are better because you would end up watching another anyways if they were shorter because they are too good. Like defo a solid plotline and I guess you have to concentrate a tiny bit but I mean it’s a solid plotline and never gets boring.

7. Brooklyn 99

Right so, so far I am literally contemplating the order of all of these but it literally doesn’t matter. They are all great. Anyways, you have definitely heard of this show unless you are a literally 50-year-old person with a 9 to 5 job and kids. But just know, after a long exhausting day, the kids are asleep, your old back is aching, you will be loving this show. Full of laughs. Lots of cool stuff, real-life stuff as well, but made numerous. 10 out of 10 do recommend. Also, I want to add that 50 years old isn’t old, like it was just the first number that came to my head so yeah 🙂

6. Santa Clarita Diet

This one can be quite hit or miss because my parents didn’t adore it, but bitch you better know I loved it. It is just so ridiculous but like they actually make it work. It has pretty big names too, like Drew Barrymore. Don’t even get me started with her but I literally love her so is such a great actress and seems like a genuinely lovely person. So yeah, by the off chance she will ever see this, hello…Anyways, but no it is definitely different but it is hilarious despite that. A must watch

5. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Bitch I could write a whole book about the first season alone. Personally I have only seen the first four because that’s the only ones on Netflix (which is defo a problem) but THE AMOUNT OF DRAMA LITERALLY GIVES ME LIFE, like I literally thought my family had fights. I was wrong ahahaha literally Kim could drop-kick her mum off the roof and they would forgive each other. Of course they don’t instantly forgive the other person but eventually. My dad says they are ridiculous and it’s so bad… bitch you watch the bloody countdown so I think your opinion is invalid. It actually made me respect them more because you can see that they really do work for it and their lives are stressful. I mean I couldn’t be putting up with it.

4. Atypical

Right this one really does get you in the feels. I kind of didn’t really know whether to put it in the 
‘background series’ category because it is actually a serious, eye-opening topic. Like it talks about real stuff and like mental health and autism and it gives you a greater understanding of how people think. But it is still one that is fun to watch and you don’t get bored. The episodes aren’t too long and you do get attached to the characters. So yeah this is just an overall great series and it is definitely one of my favs.

3. Friday Night Dinner

Right so if you are a true Brit you 100% will have heard of this. Literally so funny and I think that if you are an American you could still understand their accents. It is so hilarious and your like, wait, that is so relatable. And Jim, oh my god he is so cute. Like all the characters are so iconic and have their own thing. It is like you are part of the fam because you know what they are like and your just like ‘oh typical Jim ahaah’ you get me

2. The office

So I think I might start a wee fight with this. The office that I’m talking about is the US one. Hear me 
out, the UK one gives me weird vibes and I don’t know why. Both are cringy but then with the UK one I literally get panic attacks or something because it feels as though it’s real life, but it’s not, it’s all a script. The US one is so good. All the people are well known and really good actors. I actually love Jim though. Of course he is just a character but I want to grow up and marry a man like that. So men, take notes. But yeah the office has a lot of series but you get to know the characters and it’s really comforting.

1. Derry Girls

If you have not heard of this you are UNCULTURED. Literally, where have you been? It is so funny but what makes it funnier for me is that Americans literally have to use subtitles for it. Like seriously what the hell. I have rewatched it so many times and I love it so much. But then again, humours so subjective really. If you watched Derry girls you would get that. Either way though, subtitles or not, you have to watch this. I actually can’t put into words how much I love it. Please just watch it, please. Like I can’t say how funny it is and how great it is. I live in Northern Ireland and I went to see the wee mural in Derry and I was actually dying. Literally fan girl question mark. And then I drove past some of the places they filmed and I felt like I was in Hollywood or something, just a wee bit rougher ahaha. Derry girls 100% deserves first place, it literally has everything you could want. And I love all the characters, like I would have a heart attack if I saw one of them. Orla also gives me phoebe from friends vibes if you get me. I. LOVE. IT.

Anyways, thank you very much for reading this and I hope this gave you some great ideas, especially as we may be going back into lockdown. Stay safe and enjoy the shows.


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