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  • The power of apps

    The power of apps

    This could possibly be my most dumb fucking post because I know I’m about to sound like I’m some sort of old bitch who just discovered the internet, but honestly, I just think of a lot of random crap and I like to share it, whether you like it or not. I mean, if you…

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  • Alexa | Let’s Discuss It

    Alexa | Let’s Discuss It

    You know. I’m not going to start slabbering about this hoe about the fact she might be listening to us, although I have a few creepy stories about that, or the fact she might be taking our personal information, because I mean why the fuck would anyone want to know that. Today I’m gonna talk…

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  • Phone Calls Are The Worst

    Phone Calls Are The Worst

    Literally right now I am waiting for a call from a careers advisor. My school set this up and they gave us all a time for when we will be called. Mine was supposed to be half an hour ago and my phone feels like a ticking time bomb. I swear, phone calls are the…

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