Love Island | Addressing What We Are All Thinking

Ok so I know that the past couple of days, you have really been seeing a new site of me, the side I like to call “the basic bitch”, and you can say all you want about how that’s such a basic, white bitch thing to do, but I know you just want to be me. Like today I’m talking about love island 2021. The absolute banger we’ve all been waiting for. The level of drama is like I’m back in the girls bathroom in school and it gives me life. So if you haven’t started watching love island, up to episode 3, then you have been warned of spoilers and also, what the hell is wrong with you. Go watch them now and then come back here and talk with me because I need to talk with someone about this. So let’s get into it.

Shannon. Need I say anymore. What the fuck sad that bombshell they threw at us yesterday because I still need time to process this loss. She was an absolute queen and then Chloe with her fake ass voice had to swoop in and steal her mans. When she got the text and was like “I’m kicked out” I was like, Shannon don’t play that prank on my heart, and then it was true and I was speechless, Close to speech therapy speechless. Why couldn’t it have been freely Faye of something because she gives me psycho vibes and Shannon was so down to earth and defo would have the guys causing drama over her. And then they literally shipped her off back home like she didn’t just spend multiple weeks isolating and wasting time. At least give her the holiday she deserves. It seriously was uncalled for wasn’t it. She should have been the bombshell instead of Chloe and we all agree on that. But those first few minutes had more mood swings than me, and I’m mentally fucked

Chloe. So I know I do be kinda slagging off chloe but I really detest her voice. When she called on the phone and was like “hayyyyyyy boyyyyyyssss” I was neat throwing up. But like everyone in the villa was proper eating it up as though she sounded like Queen B herself. I don’t know how they kept a straight face because I’d be pissing myself laughing. And I also have to address that she literally didn’t talk to any of the girls for ages and although it is because she had to pick a guy, you do need to get along with fill the girls and make friends because it isn’t all about boys and shit. And then when she was talking to brad or whoever it was, she was slavering about them and I mean what the duck because to be honest I think a majority of the girls are genuinely nice. Like there was no need so I kinda have a tiny bit of a grudge with her. Like if she is gonna keep being here she better start being nice and stop fucking talking like that!!!!

Jakes secret. I am really shocked that he is still with that girl after the literal bomb he dropped. his girlfriend is perfect and then he comes out saying he has a FOOT FEDISH and nobody has addressed it. Seriously though I haven’t heard anyone say anything. And the fact he literally recorded that guy sucking that girls toes really gives me the creeps. I couldn’t be with someone with a foot fedish no matter their looks or personality because I hate feet and knowing he is proper eating up pics of kebs makes me want to die. He probably likes being small so he is closer to feet to be honest. He has a good personality though I guess…

Brads a bitch and you can’t tell me otherwise. The way he fucking humiliated Faye, despite the fact she isn’t my favorite, really frustrated me. There really was no need and he tried to justify it. He made her look like a dick and then went on like everyone proper loved him. That pretty much just wrote him off the show because I don’t think any girl wants that. It did make me appreciate Faye more because her comebacks were priceless and effortless and I respect that. I’m surprised she didn’t start screaming because I know I would. You gotta put them in their place am I right. And I feel like brad doesn’t even know what’s wrong and is acting all sad but he literally could have just kissed another girl so she wouldn’t be hurt and he wouldn’t be as much of a prick than he usually is.

What kind of name is chuggs?! I mean I’m sorry if that is your name but like do your parents not like you? It sounds like a frat boy nickname and you would be found drunk on a floaty with a pizza box and beer in a pool and you have blonde longish hair and most of your vocabulary is “dude” and “bro”. I mean maybe he is nice and I’m being prejudiced but like you gotta agree

Anyways, those are just a few of the things that I needed to address and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have anything else to add or whether or not you have started watching this season. It is kinda boring to be honest but I’ll give them more time. I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself

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