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  • Is 6th Year Really Worth It?

    Is 6th Year Really Worth It?

    I’m in lower 6th and yes I have only been so for about 3 months but the thing is that I didn’t even know if I wanted to go back to that hell-hole. The only reason I did go was because I didn’t know what else to fucking do and I have FOMO so I…

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  • Summer In The UK Is No Fucking Joke

    Summer In The UK Is No Fucking Joke

    You see, I have been to Florida, California, Turkey, Spain and some other places and they have all been really warm. Like obviously they were roasting places, but not one of them (well, maybe Florida) roasted or toasted me like the UK does. It’s as if the sun piled up all it’s heat that is…

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  • !Schools Closed Until 8th Of March!

    !Schools Closed Until 8th Of March!

    No this is not a joke. Schools in the UK are closed. But what do we do now. How will we cope through this seemingly never ending third lock down. To be honest, I have no clue. I mean it only clicked with me today how long away March is. I mean it is still…

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