Ten Top Tips For The Best Break From School

Right so that title literally gave me a headache to make; mental note, there are no synonyms for break that start with T. Anyways, I thought I would write this post because so much crap happens everyday and we all need a break. But what should you do? Look no further bitches cause I got the answer right here.

  1. Face Mask, But Make It Relaxing

The fact we all think of medical face masks when we see that word instead of the skin care ones. Also, if you are a man and think this is going to affect your masculinity, wise up and put on the god damn mask. Who the hell said men can’t look after themselves. Put the face mask on and be confident. Anyways, that was intense but yeah literally get a face mask if you have one or look up how to make one. I will leave a few links to good ones that don’t require a literal lab to make


Right, that link has multiple different masks you can make. Some with a few weird ingredients but I mean you can make whatever you like. So once you have a mask on, put on you favorite show, or light some candles and put on some relaxing music. Just do what makes you happy and then in 20 to 30 minutes wash your face and just relax for a wee bit more until you are ready to start whatever you need to do. Extra bonus for maximum relaxation – put on your PAJAMAS. You may be in them already and to that I say, as you should, but if you don’t, get them on right now. Enjoy yourself

2. A guided meditation to look boojy as hell

Look, who needs to pay £100 just for some to whisper ‘shravnaga’ in your ear. I mean yoga classes can be creepy. Instead just search up on google some meditations. The good thing is that you can how long you want it to be. And just if you wanted to know, my therapist recommended it so, your welcome, you just therapy for free. Although I live in the UK do I already got that. Cha anyways… but yeah this would be a great way to distract yourself for a while and relax. Escape from the burning hell, which is the earth, and create a magical land in your mind. Fall asleep if you want, I don’t care.

3. Read A Book

Right so don’t skip this one because you are too ‘cool’ to read. I mean of course of you can’t read very well then you don’t need to. You could watch your favorite show instead. But if you can read, give it a try. Especially during times like these it is so nice to escape from it almost. You can read a book and go to a completely other world. So give it a try. Read a book you have never read, or one that you love, get a cuppa tea or coffee and snuggle up in your bed. Just relax and enjoy the escape from reality.

4. Sloooooooooow waaaaaaaalk

This may be quite frustrating for some at the beginning because you normally walk fast but try it. Go for a slow 15 or 30 minute walk. Life is moving so quickly and the moment. Every second something new comes up. So go for a slow walk to give yourself time to come back to the moment. Listen to music or listen to the things around you. Look around and appreciate all that you see. It is good to get out of your house, if you don’t have ‘rona of course, and escape from the four walls you see everyday. Walking slowly is actually quite relaxing as well, so I mean try it out even for just 10 minutes and then see what happens next. Take it one minute at a time.

5. Bored game … I mean board game

Right so I know board games aren’t really for everyone. My twin in literally obsessed and I couldn’t give a shit. I hate monopoly with a passion, but that’s besides the point. If you could find someone to play with, maybe your family or a friend, or you dog I guess but it may take I while, just dig deep into a closet and try to find a game or a puzzle that you could do. Just a wee bit fun and you can take your mind off the pile of work you have 🙂

6. Bake Bitch

Right OK look, I am talking about MAKING stuff like cupcakes. Not doing your makeup or drugs. Don’t get baked, bake something else. OK. Good. Now we have that all cleared up, you could make some cookies or cupcakes or you could go all out and make a cake and then try to decorate it like really fancy or cool looking I suppose. But my recommendation is to make cookies, cause they don’t take too long, then get all cozy in a blanket, maybe get the fire on, a cuppa tea or milk, and watch a movie with the lights dimmed a wee bit. Wow that sounds so beautiful I could cry :,)

7. Cookin’

OK, shut up. I know this is basically like the other one but hear me out, This would be so much fun. You could drive to the store get the ingredients you need, go all out or try to make something… unique with some of the cheaper items or stuff you already have at home. Let your culinary skills shine guys. Go off a complicated recipe or make your own. It may turn out horrible but hey, there is a McDonald down the road anyways. You could make a really fancy dinner for yourself. Get all dressed up or stay in your pj’s, whatever you want, but just have a really special meal for yourself because you matter most and you need to learn to love yourself. I mean you never know, cooking could be your new passion and boom, your welcome, you are famous.

8. I do my little dancy dance

You already know where I am going with this one. Learn a tiktok dance. I mean hey, obviously if you have got this fair you ain’t got much to lose. Give it a try, I mean you don’t have to post it anywhere. You could make your own if you like and then become TIKTOK FAMOUS :0 lets make a deal though. If you become tiktok famous and start a trend you have to at least give me a shout out. That sounds fair enough right. Some of the dances are pretty cool though and that could be your next party trick. Well, for when we are allowed one again

9. Colouring

You just gotta tap into your primary school self ya know. Just become a little childish. I am not talking about going outside the lines or colouring a giraffe purple but just do some colouring. You can print some out from google, get a colouring book at the shops or draw something yourself and colour that in. It is supposed to be really relaxing actually so might as well give it a try. The good thing is you could watch something in the background or listen to music.

10. Read more of my blogs

Oooooooooh, sorry for the cheeky wee plug but I mean I just had to. Look, in my blog I usually post relatable things about being a teen just to show that you aren’t alone and that nobody really has a clue of what to do. I have a few wee random, fun posts like good Netflix shows but others are stories about what I have gone through and just other stuff other people wouldn’t understand, especially during a time like this. So please do look at my other posts and I’ll see you there. Jeez, that sounded way creepy than I intended.

Anyways, thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope this has helped to cure your boredom and rest your mind for a bit. Just remember that you gotta put yourself before anyone else because they don’t deserve you PERIODT.


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