Weekly Reminder

Right guys, another week another reminder. Can I just say well done for making it to this point. I mean if you look back you would see the destruction and struggle you just went through to get here. I mean I am so proud of you for getting here and I hope I will see you again next week. Yeah? OK, I am gonna hold you to that. But hey, don’t start thinking about what just happened, please don’t get covered in that worry again, please try to keep moving. Be like those people in movies who keeps walking while a bomb literally goes off behind them, yet they don’t look back.

But anyways, that was kind of what I wanted to talk about today. No not about movies obviously, but about you making it to this point. People don’t get enough recognition for being able to get to the next day. It isn’t an easy thing and I know that whoever is reading this will understand that. So just in case nobody has told you yet, I am so happy and proud that you are here right now. You were able to fight those thoughts and I admire you so much for that. Battling your own thoughts is probably one of the hardest things to do and the fact that you could is just amazing. Even if you just barely made it, I salute you because you still got through. It was a struggle for you but you made it. You deserve a medal to be honest.

There are some people who get through each day like a piece of cake, yes that is quite rare, but there are. These people don’t understand what people mean when they say they struggle. They don’t understand that every morning you wake is a disappointment. Any time that you try to be honest with them, they think you are joking because they probably don’t understand that it isn’t a joke. And the thoughts we have are so severe that it does sound unbelievable, but sadly they are real. This post is kind of just me talking to you to say that I am sorry for whatever you are going through and the fact nobody understands how lucky they are to have you in their lives at the moment. They don’t know how close they are to losing you and that must suck because they take you for granted, but can you at least know that I am so blessed to have you here at the moment. Breathing, surviving. I am not about to give advice and keep throwing meaningless words at you because I know you must be exhausted from everything, from just living. But please can we make a contract that this time next week you will read my next post and you can comment if you like so that you can show everyone how strong you are. I know that is a lot for me to ask of you but please try to do it. Yeah? OK great. See you then 🙂

Thank you so much for reading this and for being here. I really appreciate it. I do these every week, obviously, just because not everyone is told how much they mean a lot. So please follow for more and like this post so that more people going through a tough time can see this. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.


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