Sometimes All You Gotta Do Is Walk AwaAaaAYyyyYy

Hopefully most people understand this but if you don’t, I am referring to, and may they rest in piece, vine. But that is completely off topic. However, I am referring to this queen as it is completely correct. As a teen girl who never gets listened to, anger can rise very quickly, but, as she says, sometimes all you gotta do is walk away. Wow, how impactful. Anyways, back on track. People can get on your nerves and to be polite you can’t do nothin’ about it. So I got a few tips and hopefully this will help others who feel unheard or who have a lot to say.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Yup, a diary. Or if you want to seem like a macho man, a journal. I don’t see why it can’t just be called a diary but I mean you do you boo. So yeah you could set it out all properly and at the end of each day just turn all your thoughts and emotions into words, or you could bring a small notebook around with you and just write down whatever you need to at any point of the day. This could help you to organize your thoughts or just to let out the anger.

Control, Alt, Delete

I have gotta give a quick shout out to the mum who told me this idea and bitch I could make a trilogy out of the things I delete. So what you do is, if it is an email or online thing you are responding to, type out the thing you actually want to say to them. Go all out, all the words, and the shit you need said. Read it as many times as you need, scream it out. Then delete it. And I know that it sounds quite childish when I say this but then you kind of feel smug and you are like, you don’t even know a thing bitch. And then write a professional, kind response which will sound nice to them but you know that it is sarcastic as fuck

Save It For Later

So this is simple. Just let the person say what they need and you just stay respectful but when you go home or see someone next just have a full on slabber about what happened. Say this on snap chat, face time, say it to your dog, your cat, your teddy bear. Anyone or anything just say ‘I am going to talk for five minutes and I need you to be quiet and listen while I say this’. And just get it all off your chest. You will feel so much better and you can just say what you want and that person will never know.


So this one is an OG but I thought I would add it in for anyone who is unfamiliar. All you gotta do is get a pillow and scream into it. Of course let yourself breathe every so often. It is so good because you can let it all out and the pillow muffles the noise so your family or neighbors wont think you have just been murdered


Ha OK so you may be able to understand some of my posts now. Not all of them are for this reason as most are just to help people feel included in life. But trust me it helps. It’s also good because then you will find other people who will hype you up and agree with you. You can get a whole platform with your thoughts and use them for something useful and not for ignorant people who don’t want to know what anyone else thinks.

Cha Cha Real Smooth

This one is mandatory and will save you in the long run. It is going to be hard to do but it is essential. To be honest if it gets to the point where the person is being disrespectful or you can say your point calmly then by all means say what you need. But if you aren’t given that option or you need to be formal, just leave. Walk away from the situation because if you need help from them someday then they will help you unlike if you were to shout at them because they are annoying. But you need to wait it out and do some of the other tips so that your future isn’t affected because you never know when you may need that persons help with anything. Don’t let them get to you, it isn’t worth it. They don’t deserve to know what you think and you can use your beliefs for something great.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope this helps you in the future. Sometimes when you hold things in it makes everything so much worse so please do give this a try. I hope you follow to read more helpful and relatable posts but in the mean time please enjoy my other posts.


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