What Not To Say To A Teenager

I am about to expose a lot of people right now because there do be some ignorant Karen’s out there. Also don’t worry if you have said some of these because they aren’t harmful and obviously you wouldn’t have thought about it in that way LOLs

These Are The Best Years Of Your Life

Right I don’t know if you had a great childhood or a really bad adulthood but if it is only going to get worse from here, I don’t want it. The first time someone said this to me was when I had got out of the school bus and was walking home. I had just got a really bad grade in school and my mental health was kind of ~nonexistent~, but then this guy was like you OK and I was yeah I’m fine and he was like ‘well these are the best days of your life so enjoy them’. To conclude, I nearly cried. Like why the hell do I have to have a boring job just to survive. I mean I don’t want to survive, I want to live, you know, and by saying to just enjoy them makes me sad because I can’t as I am in school with boundaries. Like why do I have to grow up to get a meaningless job. Every time someone says that I kind of just get less motivated to do something with my future because it seems so much more impossible. And trust me, I don’t like our lives could get much worse so yeah.

You Are Just Having A Bad Day

Wow, why did I get angry just writing this. You know when your child goes down to you and says how they feel. Do not tell them it is just a bad day because it might not be. Especially if they came and talked to you. You may just be very close, or they are really struggling and don’t know how to cope with it anymore. And even if it is just a bad day, don’t tell them that because they are going to say that everyday and probably downplay a very serious mental illness. They aren’t gonna want to reach out anymore because they know they will just be judged. They probably haven’t accepted their mental health as it is which can be really problematic but by just stating that ‘it’s only a bad day’ makes them seem like it is all in their head. You guys have no clue what we go through. You think you know us but you don’t. If you could see the amount of people who are crying in their rooms without anyone knowing, you would be shocked. People are so good at hiding emotions nowadays so you can’t say it was a bad day because you don’t know how long this has been going on for. Just be their for them and say you will help them through all the tough times. Just try to sympathies will them, no belittle them.

I Am The One Who Feeds You, Keeps A Roof Over Your Head And Pays The Bills

This one needs no explanation. What the hell did you expect when you got pregnant? That money grows on trees? I think you know the answer to that one. We didn’t ask to be put on this earth. Hell, if I was given the choice I would refuse to go onto this earth. So why are you trying to guilt trip us. If we are going to be living on this world you may as well let us live. We are not your little slaves. You can’t ask us to do everything for you because you are on your ass watching sports. Especially when they are so close to the thing they need done yet feel the need to call you down from all the way upstairs when it would be so much easier for them. And then they hit you with ‘I’ve been working all day, all I ask is that you close this door.’ Excuse me? I just got back from 6 hours of nonstop education with little to no break while you were at work looking at Facebook memes most of the time. And you chose that job so you should enjoy it. You also get payed. I appreciate that you work for us to live and I want to thank you for that, but don’t think that we have been lazing around all day. Chances are we have homework too and don’t have time to be dealing with this childishness. Your parents payed for your bills and now you have to pay for yours and that is not our fault at all. Don’t make us guilty for what you did.

You Are So Lazy

Oh my, this is always said when you have sat down for one second after doing so much. I mean you always seem to catch us on our phones. We could have just cleaned the whole house or done all the homework for the entire year and you wouldn’t recognize that. Funny enough we don’t all do nothing the whole day. It can also be quite hurtful too because we don’t feel seen. I mean no matter what day it is, we will have done something. Whether that is being at school, or if it is the weekend, we are exhausted from school. The two day weekend is not enough but just let us relax while we can. I mean you guys are always looking forward to your weekends. And it makes us feel guilty and angry too because we feel like less of a person, even though we do the normal amount of things. You just catch us at the wrong time. Everyone needs a break and if we need something done we will get it done eventually.

You Should Be More Like…

Nah, here comes the preparing. To be fair, I don’t remember my parents ever saying this to me but I know that some do and that needs addressed. What is the point of comparing your children to someone you barely know. I mean you could say ‘you should be more like George, he always gets good grades’. OK then, let me just buy some weed and rob a store and I will be just like him. Or maybe they will say ‘you should be more like Julie, she always respects her parents’. OK, well just let me become traumatized and depressed and I will be just like her. Just because they do one thing, doesn’t mean they are a perfect person. Everyone has a story and you are hurting your child too. You should make them be proud for who they are and not feel like a burden.

Well When I Was Younger…

Lets establish something guys, telling stories to your kids is all good as long as it is in the right context. Like if I am complaining about going to school, don’t have the audacity to say ‘well when I was younger I had to travel through the swirly twirly gumdrops’. Like bitch stop, that was from ‘Elf’ the movie. You all just be exaggerating things. I just said I don’t like taking the bus. I mean just because we don’t have the same problems doesn’t mean that ours are any less. If you keeping saying that then we aren’t gonna be coming to you to ask stuff. Although, saying this, I will be saying about how I lived through a pandemic to my kids.

You Are Too Obsessed With Technology

Excuse me but who was the one who bought me this? Who were the ones that created technology because I don’t think it was us. I mean this is how we grew up. You can blame us for not knowing what to do with our time. And besides, this is our future so why try to stop us using it. Also, how much better are your lives with technology. I mean you love the alexa, the TV, your phone, Facebook, all of it. To be honest, you do be using it as much me. So yeah. This is just how we grew up and it is really helpful actually. I can use it for music, for learning a language, communicating with friends, writing this blog, anything. It is so amazing that we have the world at our fingertips. It should be celebrated. And maybe if you stop telling us to get off it, we will because nobody likes to do what they are told ya know. Maybe asking you children what they are doing next time. Maybe it is something beneficial. Technology is also a great way to escape from the real world which can be far worse than technology. Just let us rest if we want to.

You Should Go On A Diet/Exercise More

You know where this about to go. I think your teenage years are the most vulnerable years of your life. We judge ourselves about every little thing we do or how we look. We grew up looking at fake people yet aspiring to be them. But when I hear people say to others they need to exercise more, it really triggers me. I mean of course I am not against exercise but you should let people do it in their own way and in their own time because we don’t want anyone to do it in excess. As well as diets. Teens are in the last vital years of growth and development. Unless they have an allergy, they should not go on a diet. It is only teaching them that there are good and bad foods which is not a good way to view this

Wait Until You Go Into The Real World

Bitch I have been living in the real world. If you see the world we live in, trust me, we would be in the real world. To be fair I can’t say much because I am in school but like I am not unaware of the struggles in life. I am not ignorant to the injustice and war in the world. It is kind of scary as well when you say that because I feel like what I am experiencing isn’t the bad thing and it just makes me think, what is the bad part. Every day on tiktok we see the mental health issues, the abuse, the fear in peoples eyes. So you can’t tell us that we don’t know what the real world is because we may not see the same point of view but I sure know that my side is bloody scary and I am already knee deep in it. You can’t say we are immature because we don’t know how to pay taxes, we don’t have a job or we don’t do the dishes because that is belittling what we go through and we should not be ignored. You don’t know us or the world we live in. I know I am not part of the working world yet but I know damn well the terrifying world. We aren’t immature, we are just knowledgeable of different things.

Thank you all for reading this. I mean I hope nobody gets offended by this. Of course I emphasized my emotions but I hope it helped you to understand me and maybe you can try to empathize with teens more.

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