The Truth About Going Back To School – What Do Teens Actually Think?

I am gonna just make this clear that I am not talking about every single teenager. I know people who feel the way I do and people who don’t, but yeah, not everyone feels this way.


So I am starting school next week. Yep, back to the dark side. So this means that this is my last week of online school. My granny asked me the other, ‘you excited to be going to school?’. I looked at her and was like ‘no’. LOL obviously I wasn’t rude but I was basically saying that I can not be arsed to put my foot in my school uniform, never mind in the school. Every adult is always shocked or ashamed when I say that but it is the truth, so, just so I don’t have to explain this to every single person, imma write it here.

Number 1 : Socialising

This is gonna make me sound like the cheekiest bitch but it is true. I can’t wait to see my friends, don’t get me wrong, but I will have to have those bloody awkward classes where you kind of talk to the people beside you, but it is just the things like ‘I am so tired’ or ‘you excited for the test LOL’. They literally give me chills and I am not wanting that. Please save me. And then when you have to act nice to the teachers despite the fact they just screamed at you for being close to them in the hall even though they were the ones going the wrong way anyways. Literally brings tears to my eyes

Number 2 : Focus

I’m gonna have to search up that word soon because it is no longer in my vocabulary. I can’t even sit through a 60 second TikTok video, so how the hell am I meant to focus for a 60 MINUTE lesson about something I could not care less about. Their voice is no longer background noise, it will be the whole thing :,(


Number 3 : Glasses

To my fellow four eyes, I am sorry. You may be lucky like me and can actually find the sweet point where it doesn’t actually fog up you glasses, but this is a pro-move to be honest. But whoever sits beside me on the day they do fog up, get to safety because I will be punching the next thing that breathes. For me it is basically like when your hair annoys you. Yeah, it is that bad.

Number 4 : Technical difficulties

Imma be in this bitch telling the teacher that my mic doesn’t work and they will be there like ‘what the fuck, you are literally in school’. And it scares me. I don’t know crap. We are all going to have to laugh at there jokes that don’t make any bloody sense.

Number 5 : Waking up in the morning, thinking about so many things

Do you realise that I am gonna have to get up at 7am. I am not allowed to lie in bed for a while or nap during class, yet I have to use my brain more, walk around all day, and actually focus and talk to people. This really can not be happening to me. I like my bed and I don’t want my eyes to feel so heavy. I will not be in a good mood.


Number 6 : My Back

To be fair, my back has literally been destroyed since we started online school, but the thing is, my school bag weighs as much as me. No joke. And you expect me to carry that around all day? Just be glad I am in the UK and have free healthcare because I’m gonna need it.

Number 7 : Cold

I’m not sure what it is like in your school, but for us we have to keep all our windows open to let the rooms ventilate or whatever. So that means the cold NI winds will be blowing through all day. And we haven’t been in school since winter, so it is going to be absolutely freezing. These little cheap skates also don’t like to use heating anyways despite the fact it is literally illegal for us to be in school at this temperature. The thing is, my dad is kind of like that too, he never puts the heating on :C but at least I have a blanket I can use.


Number 8 : Sitting

During online school I have acquired, what I like to call, the foetus form. This means that when I sit down, my body instantly goes into a ball. I mean literally right now my knees are up. Yes my knees ache, my back aches and I look like a literal foetus, but hey, it is comfy. I even saw my teacher do it once in a call and it kind of changed me to be honest. I don’t even know how to sit normally now so I gotta learn before I go back to school.

Oh I just wanted to add one thing, I made a new revision playlist on Spotify so click here to listen to it

Anyways, yeah that is kind of my main points, to be honest. I really do want to stay at home, where I can be warm and comfy. Another point is that life is gonna be so boring because at least at home we are like ‘pandemic, how original’. But then afterwards, this will never happen in our lifetimes again and we have to go back to normal. LOL, way to leave on a depressed not but… Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.


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