I Am Confusion

Right, can someone please tell me why the FUCK is everyone getting married. Now, I don’t mean people in their 20’s or their 30’s or anything normal like that. But I mean people my fucking age, a teenager, getting married! I mean, I get it. True love and all at shit and meeting the love of your life but for fuck sake mate. You are still learning the reproduction system in biology class so give it a break luv. Every time I open my bloody snapchat there is another person I know that is getting married and here I am lying in my bed, looking like chewbacca, with no eyebrows, in my PJ’s. I swear to god that is literally the reason I am slowly backing away from society. Either that or my mental health 🙂


There are also so many people my age getting pregnant, and I am not judging like, I think teen parents are totally fine and I am not judging you, but like, I don’t even talk to any guys. The only guy I have talked to pretty much ruined men for me but you are here literally starting a family! Let me catch up mate, I’m still recovering from the last one. It is so creepy though. Every time I hear someone my age got married, the boyfriend (or husband I supposed 😐 ) literally is 20+ and I am sitting here like, luv you are a victim, the fuck. That literal pedo man could be your father babes and it’s not ok. And you can comment all you want “age is just a number” and “they are in love” but then one week later they will be popping up on their story saying “nrs only real ones know” and in reality, everyone fucking knows because they video their life as though they are the kardashians. We literally don’t care OK! So if you are getting married, good luck to you, but I don’t really want some chav from down the road having my kids


Seriously though, where is this coming from. Is it in the vaccine or something, because it has just all happened at once. Babies and wedding rings bloody flying everywhere. I swear that I am the only girl alive that isn’t talking to another guy, or anyone to be honest lol. I think if someone where to go up to me and propose while I literally am not even at the legal age to drive, I would be sprinting away. You’ll see me on the news, fucking Forrest Gump up in this bitch.

Is it becoming a trend or something? That would make so much more sense to be honest, and would make me feel less lonely. It is literally one of those things that makes you feel sad not to be a part of, but then when it happens to you, you feel like throwing up. Kind of like in cheesy movies when the guy looks over at the girl in class and they are proper in love, but then if that happened to me I’d be getting my pepper spray out. Would defo give me the ick like. Wait! Oh my god, what if you literally loved someone with all your heart but then when they went down on one knee you got the ick! What would you even do! That would defo be me though, no lie. That’s scary. But hopefully I won’t have to figure that our for a while. I’m gonna take it slow you know. I still need to learn how to talk to guys without jumbling up my words like bloody scrabble. So yeah, I have quite a ways to go. Could I ask though, to any of you out there who are like teenagers and are married? What did your parents say, because I would be on the streets. And like, do you actually love them or do you just feel bad for them lol 😮 But I mean, if you actually have found the love of your life, I respect that and wish you all the happiness in the world. Damn I am lonely.


Thank you so much for reading this. Was kinda just a wee bit of food for thought you know because I have been seeing so many people doing massive things. If you enjoyed this, please like, follow and comment down below. I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT


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