Make It Make Sense

If you follow my blog, which you obviously should because duh, then you will have read my past post about the literal bloody history they are making us do on a day off, and yes I am still pissed about it. Well, I did it this morning and even though I did(n’t) cheat, It was fucking hard and I barely got it finished. No joke, in basically every history class they are like ‘YoU gUyS WonT hAVe EnOuGh TiMe To dO tHiS JuSt So YoU kNoW’. And I am here just looking at them blankly like ‘WELL THEN WHY THE HELL DON’T YOU GIVE US MORE TIME!’ and that is what I want to talk about today, unhealthy expectations in school.

So let me rant a bit more about this whole history crap. On the first day of GCSE history class my teacher literally was like ‘hey guys, welcome to history, so I just want to talk about your exams. You will only have 45 minutes for the USA section. Now, to put that into perspective, this paper was usually given 1 hour to complete and students struggled to do it in that time. Now lets go onto economic boom.’ Bitch back the fuck up. What went through your mind to think, oh they struggle to finish in the time, suck it up and do it in less time. Like what the hell. And no, they didn’t shorten the paper. It is the same bloody length. I be looking across the room to see if anyone else just heard this crap like :0 and they be acting like it is no big deal. And if you don’t do history or are from america, we do not getting bloody multiple choice questions for any of our classes. We have to learn the work word for word and we cant just have a bloody guess. In English we are given an hour to write and essay. In history we are given 45 minutes for an essay plus 4 other, kind of big, questions. I don’t give a fuck how Ford created the assembly line in 1913. Anyways, rant over.

What I am trying to say is that the schooling system, in the UK at least, is so unfair. I mean how the hell do you expect me to learn, word for word, decades of history, the freaking essence of a leaf, while working out the meaning of life, Like I can’t do that shit. I can barely do my times tables bitch. Every time I get up in the morning and pack my bag, which only holds a max of 3 folders, if I want to look like a first year, so I have to hold 2 massive ones around with me, I actually do that hysteric laugh. You know the one where you are just like what the fuck is going on with this world and you have nothing else to do but just laugh through the pain. I swear to god my back be squished as hell. School really do be stunting my growth. But back to the school work. How the hell do they want me to study 9 different topics, in depth, while doing homework, having a life, and then doing tests that go towards my FUTURE, in only a couple of weeks. Like my teachers be here teaching one subject and are like ‘guys. I know how you feel. I just had to mark 20 essays throughout the past 2 months that I set my students for the next day. You are heard’. And I’m like OK miss audacity, who gave you the right to complain about something you did to yourself. Go back home bitch, you can’t relate.

Do you know what doesn’t make sense to me? When teachers at the start of the year are like ‘hey guys, I am a cool teacher. I don’t like giving out homework.’ and then they end up being the ones to give me the most homework and they just sit there thinking they are so ‘cool’ and ‘relatable’. Bitch, get your feet of the desk and tell the bloody truth. We are getting lied to enough in this world and we don’t need more of this ~foolery~ interrupting out lives. Just tell the truth, oh my god. I don’t really see the point of homework anyways but that is besides the point. They literally put so much pressure on it as though it is going to decide your future. They shout at you when you don’t finish it for the day because ‘of course you have time to do it. You just don’t care’ and then when someone is reported to have really bad mental health they are like ‘guys you can always talk to me. I only want the best for you.’. And we are like it is too late for you to be switching up the truth you two faced bitch. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE. Give us a break for god sake and stop complaining about marking the homework that YOU SET. I don’t care about how you were up until like 6pm with a glass of red wine because I was up until 10pm, which is decent for my age group, with a bloody head ache. If you keep saying you understand us then why do you keep making our lives a living hell.

But literally though, can any teachers please tell me why you set us out to fail. Of course in some tests you want to make us think a bit about what we learned. I understand that. But why do you deliberately try to trick us and then call us out. If I am studying plants then don’t expect me to know what is the surface area of an atom. I don’t know and I didn’t have to so don’t link it to the subject in some bizarre way like ‘well plants are made up of atoms so really it is your fault.’. What is this? A fucking play ground. It is like when that one kid says ‘you know the word pizza? How do you spell it’ and then they would be like ‘AHAHAHA I TOLD YOU TO SPELL IT, NOT PIZZA’ like seriously though. Stop expecting us to know everything when we clearly don’t know and don’t care.

For my final point, for this post at least, is, why do you expect us to respect you if you don’t respect us. Not everyone goes into a class with the aim of hating a teacher. It is when you abuse your power, shout at us all the time, and treats us like children in this place where half of us do not want to be. You have to know that we wont always be in a good mood and we know you wont as well. But if we don’t really feel like speaking in class, don’t make us. You always tell us to be quiet but when we are you don’t like that. OK, if we don’t speak for a few classes then you should go talk to them, but in private. Don’t embarrass them. They may just need a bit of help. Some teachers get on really well with their students because the actually achieve their promises. They understand what we go through, they listen, the help, they try hard to mix in real life with the life of school. They know we don’t all want to be there but they have made it less of a burden. These are the teachers who were born to teach. They don’t put the stress of their personal lives onto the students. They don’t expect them to complete everything on a strict time plan and they definitely do not care that you don’t know anything. In fact, that just makes them excited to teach you something new.

Anyways to conclude, the school system is a mess. People need to stop putting so much pressure on everyone. And you all need to follow, like and donate some money to support my blog.

Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed. And remember, the real learning starts outside of school PERIODT.


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