Could I Be Bothered? #1

So here we go with a new series where I tell you whether or not I could be bothered with certain things going on in the world. Don’t worry it will be exciting.

First things first. What has been going on in the world? Despite corona of course because I mean I am so over that. So I guess I can’t be bothered. Anyways, what about…


Now, I am not trying to get all political now. I’m talking about Easter egg hunts and all that type of stuff. I am 15 right now, in that “awkward” phase, if you will. Now here is a question for you? Are Easter egg hunts still suitable for teens? The answer is FUCK YEAH, I’m gonna be bunny hopping this bitch if I need to. My mum had the audacity not to make one this year. So, could I be bothered with Easter? Yes. Normalise enjoying the childish things in life. I mean I can’t wait to have kids so that I can go on Easter egg hunts or trick or treating without it looking weird. I’m gonna be the one begging my child to watch blood Frozen. Childhood rules. So yeah, I = bothered.


English Class

You guys already know the answer to this one. HELL NO. I don’t need a class to tell me how to overthink every little word because that is in my genes bitch. These teachers also don’t even do there job. They just stand in front of the class waiting for us to explain a word we haven’t even heard before. These bitches be learning from Dora or some shit. Instead of asking “what is your name” and waiting 10 minutes, they be asking “WHY is your name” and waiting 10 minutes. What the fuck does that even mean? I guess Swipper took all the fucks because I can’t give one. I = unbothered

Trick Question

What I mean by this is the questions mums and dads ask that make it seem like you have a choice but there really isn’t. I mean just tell me to do something and, yes I will complain, but like then you are just being honest with me which is better ya know. I can NOT be bothered with the let-down when you say “it wasn’t a question”. I think the fuck it was. You had a “can you” at the start of the sentence which, if I remember correctly, signifies a question. So just get the pain done and over with. I = unbothered.



Now, I don’t want to seem rude but like I never know what to get anyone and I hate having to think of something suitable for the person and for the amount of time we know each other. The worst thing is buying for boys because there is literally nothing I can get them that they don’t already have. Although the good thing is, the only boy I have to get gifts for now is my dad so it is all good. But yeah, over all, gifts are stressful as fuck and I would prefer to show them what they mean to me in a different way. Can I be bothered? No.

Clothes Shopping

Yes, I am a teenage girl, and yes, I don’t like clothes shopping. I mean if you think about it, it is boring as hell. All the clothes now a days are so… out there, and I am not a very out going person so I don’t like to wear clothes that are adventurous. Wow, everyone reading this definitely now thinks I am a hermit crab… but you can’t prove that 😮 Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like me a few new clothes, but when I have to go and find something I just can’t find something I actually like and then I get exhausted and in the end it is just my mum throwing stuff in the basket that my 8 year old cousin would probably wear. I prefer to buy clothes if I haven’t planned it or if I am just on a wee trip with the mates, ya know. So yeah, I could not be bothered.



My sister’s are very… opinionated. They don’t take shit from nobody and always speak there mind. Which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. I mean I respect that. The thing is, I am not. I don’t like to argue with people for reasons and I just agree with them, to an extent I guess. There are things I am concrete about and I will body slam people if they disagree. But no, if I said something I found out and they were like “that’s not true” I would be like “oh ok then” and move on. Or if I liked someones music and they were like “that is utter crap” I would be like, yes it is, and never listen to it again. So yeah, arguing is not my cup of tea. UNBOTHERED.

LOL so these are just a few this I wanted to say in this. These weren’t really about current events, but I could not be bothered. Yup, you got another one. I’ll see what I can do for you next time though. Comment below if you agree with any of these or if you have anything else that you can or can’t be bothered with and maybe I will mention them in my next post 😮 Please like, comment, and subscribe if you liked this content. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT


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